Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Can We Teach Students To Be Curious?

Today my Division Head emailed our faculty a short article titled: Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways Into Inquiry Learning. The article summarizes some of the main points shared Diana Laufenberg,  a former Science Leadership Academy teacher, at her recent SXSWEdu session. Laufenberg's wisdom serves as an excellent reminder to even the most open-minded and progressive educators to take a step back and let our students do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to choosing what they want to learn. Her guiding principle, that students no longer have to come to school in order to get information, resonated with me as I reflected on the past week in English 5, where my students have been busy writing short historical fiction pieces.  My students can easily Google any fact they care to learn, so the work they do with me and with each other in our classroom must be more than simply passing information back and forth - it must be three-dimensional, purposeful, personal.

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