Saturday, September 27, 2014

Save As Doc - A Must-Have Add-On in Google Drive

This week we collected writing from students in Grades 5-12, and I created a Google Form to allow for easy access to their work. Of course, as responses started pouring in I realized how difficult it would be to read even moderately long form writing off a spreadsheet, and began toying around with various ways to organize the work. The best idea I could come up with was wrapping the text in all cells, but luckily our wonderful technology team had a better solution for me. They introduced me to Save As Doc, a real lifesaver of an Add-On in Spreadsheets. This is a tool that simply converts each line of a Google spreadsheet (i.e. each unique submission from a form) into its own page in a Google doc, turning lines and lines of text into individual, readable pages. It's an awesomely useful tool!

If we were back at #GTANY, this Add-On would be a winning Demo Slam!

To use Save As Doc:

1) In a Google Spreadsheet, choose Add-Ons from the menu bar and select Get Add-Ons in the drop down menu
2) In the search box, type in Save As Doc
3) Install the add-on, then return to your spreadsheet
4) Select all data in the spreadsheet (or, alternatively, select just those entries you want to turn into docs)
5) Again, go to Add-Ons, but this time choose Save As Doc, which should appear in the drop down menu
6) From here, it should be fairly straightforward. You will be asked to name the new doc you are creating (I chose the same name as my spreadsheet, but with 'readable' tacked onto the file name), choose a setting preferences, and the new file will be generated and saved automatically in your Drive!


  1. Thanks for sharing this handy tip! I will be trying it out today! Thank you for taking the time to write this post and share this nugget with all of us.

  2. My pleasure, Ann! Thanks for commenting :)