Thursday, January 1, 2015

For Teachers, Doesn't New Year's Eve Come in September?

Every now and then I'm reminded that my entire life has run on a school calendar. Like most of my peers, I've spent the majority of my life as a student: After graduating high school I went straight to college, followed by graduate school. But unlike many others in my age group, when my tenure as a student ended, my life as a teacher began. Perhaps because of this, when I say "next year" I am almost always referring to the following September, when my school year begins anew. December 31st have never been the time for resolutions and goal setting, as these things happen for me in July and August, as I prepare to return to a new school year. If New Year's Eve reminds me of anything, it's that the start of January signals the end of winter break, the return to my classroom and my students. Of course, I am aware of my sense of time being skewed, as I live and socialize with many folks who are not in the teaching profession, for whom January 1st truly does feel like the start of something new. I wonder if other teachers share my perspective on this. Just how skewed is my sense of time?

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