Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Independent Reading Projects

Most English teachers spend a fair amount of time thinking of ways to encourage students to read independently. I am fortunate in that the vast majority of my students are eager readers, so it takes little convincing to get them engaged with a new novel. I start all of my English classes with 10 minutes of D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read), and this year introduced Independent Reading Projects as part of my curriculum.

To develop the assignment linked above, I first consulted with colleagues and poked around the internet looking for a variety of book projects my students could complete without too much adult assistance. I then focused on narrowing down the choices so that I had something that would appeal to everyone. I included traditional writing projects like imagining the sequel or crafting a poetry chapbook, visual and digital projects such as book trailers and comic strips, and a character monologue, which taps into both writing and performance skills.

My students were wary at first ("We're doing this all by ourselves? At home?") and we had many, many discussions about how they would manage their time. But soon, the initial anxiety gave way to excitement about working on a book project that they chose themselves. The final results were fantastic - clever, entertaining, and truly representative of my students' and their personal styles.

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