Sunday, May 24, 2015

Color Poems on Twitter (#clrpoem)

In previous years I have introduced my students to social media via a classroom Twitter account, but did not expect to use the platform this year. However, in early April a prized member of my PLN, fellow Google Certified Teacher Linda Yollis, invited me and my class to participate in a Twitter Color Poem project. Linda and I have collaborated digitally before, and I was excited to connect our classes once again.

I decided to give it a go by introducing Twitter through the #clrpoem project. We would start with red and see if my students showed enough interest to make it through the rainbow.

While interest in Twitter and the project varied from one student to the next, I did have one class section who immediately latched onto the idea. They were eager to participate, each week asking me if we could start class with Twitter poems. By the time we made it to blue and purple, these students were emailing me scads of potential images to use for our poems. Though we completed purple last week, they want to continue with rainbow, black, white, and brown poems before we wrap up our school year. Given how much they're enjoying Twitter, and how they've started to learn work with hashtags and write well within the confines of a character limit, it seems that the project is not over for us just yet! 

In addition to being a great extension of our April/May poetry study, the Twitter #clrpoem project turned out to be a small but effective way to incorporate some digital citizenship lessons into my classroom, as my students learned about how to represent themselves online, how to use Twitter, and even had the chance to interact via the platform with Linda's class. Thank you, Linda, for the invitation and inspiration. For a broader wrap-up of the Twitter #clrpoem project, visit Linda's blog


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